3rd Party Billing

3rd Party Account Setup

  1. Click on the My Account menu option (Person icon next to cart icon in top right corner of screen).
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Respond to the confirmation email.
  4. Complete account setup.
  5. Once the account is established, select “add” under 3rd Party/Employee billing.
    • For the Group Billing Name enter: Group (yes, Group and 123456 is what you enter…this part is
      generic for everyone)
    • For the password enter: 123456
    • Your Billing/Employee ID is 123456
    • Enter 123456 to confirm Billing/Employee ID
  6. Click Link…message pops up saying ‘Your account is now linked’

**At this point you can now click on ‘Enter Student/Faculty Passcode’ to enter your program passcode and access your specific uniforms.**

Upon checkout, a billing option will now appear for you to select.

*** During checkout, provide the following information in the special instructions box (found on the second page of the checkout before the payment screen):

  • Agency Paying
  • Approval Contact
  • Approval Contact’s email address and telephone number

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing a third party order, please contact Jessica Floyd, jfloyd@meridys.com. You can also contact customer service using customer.service@meridys.com or 800-237-9164.

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Our goal is to ensure every student is dressed and ready for clinical rotation or skill assessment check offs.

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Our uniforms are made with durable, safety stitch construction. Our antimicrobial, stain & spill resistant fabric ensures a great look throughout your clinical rotations.